Shop Related FAQ:


I have an issue with my order!

If you have any issues at all with a download, please contact me at [email protected] I will assist you in anyway I can.

If you have an issue with an order placed through Zazzle, you will have to contact their support here: Zazzle Customer Support

What is you usage license?

All of the artwork in the shops are done by me, and I use it to support myself and this website. While the products here are for your use there are somethings that you cannot do.

  • You cannot redistribute the digital download(s) (for free or paid).
  • You can sell something you made using it (like a bag, card, or another craft as an example).

Images posted that are clear freebies have a similar license as well.

  • You cannot sell them as a stand-alone (in other words, you cannot re-distribute the download as paid content).
  • If you do use them, I would love a link back here.
  • Feel free to share them, as long as you give proper credit.

Website Related FAQ:


I would like to submit an article/ project idea/ artwork.

Feel absolutely free to contribute anything you want! The process is simple, all you need is an account (you can register here: Register). All that is asked to to make sure it’s something that is appropriate for at most a PG audience.

Still Have a Question? Email the admin at [email protected]