What Is This?

This blog will be dedicated to the amazing, the strange, and so other things along the way. It’s a bit of a side project for me, and hopefully things will be able to be kept up (reassuring, right?).

Anyway, hopefully it will be a look at amazing things. Some of the macabre, some interesting, unique, and beautiful.

Oh? Anything else?

I’m so happy that you asked in a completely *not set up* way! Basically, I’ve been a blogger and professional artist for a few years now and have found amazing resources, inspiration, and other things around and wanted a central place to share them. Both getting started and keeping yourself inspired is a huge task and these are the things that have helped, inspired, or just stayed with me for a while.

Sure, there will be some random fun things mixed in as all work and no play is a crappy and boring way to live isn’t it?

I Have / Know of Something You Should Feature!

Great! Help for features is always appreciated.  You can get in touch me me here: [email protected] and tell me a bit about it.


The shop:

Cute Customs specializes in cute and crafty creations that have that special handmade charm. From adorable craft and scrapbooking papers and accessories. I also carry many holiday and anytime cards, gifts, and other fun goodies!

You can customize any of these goodies for any of your needs, but if you would like something extra special feel free to contact me at [email protected].

There are two shops to choose from, depending on what you are looking for.

Cute Custom Downloads: This sells many of the same downloadable graphics that you can find in my other shop, but you will receive it immediately and you can customize them in any way using a graphics program.

Cute Customs (My Zazzle Shop): I offer a wide variety of pre-printed gifts, crafting supplies, and other fun and artistic creations. They are a great quality, and a great price. Whenever you order something, it is printed just for you, and Zazzle’s return policy is top notch, along with their printing.

About the writer/ artist: The writer is typically a freelance writer, artist, and designer.   This website came from a labor of love (mainly a love of crafting, and the arts), when she’s not busy chasing her toddler around or doing the million and one little things that need to get done, she’s usually writing or making things.


The Images: The images found here are free for personal use only. I would love a link (plus, free promotion for you) just out of curiosity though! To share and save this website to your favorite service click below! The images found here are free for personal use only. I would love a link (just out of curiosity though).